What Is Cost Segregation?

what-is-cost-segregationCost Segregation helps building owners save money.

If you are paying Income Taxes, as a building owner you can use Cost Segregation to help lessen your tax burden. You will want to consult a professional Cost Segregation Services firm that specializes in this process to help you make important decisions.

If you have more than one building, you will want to see if you can use Cost Segregation to benefit all of your buildings. This may free up much needed funds that you can use for other aspects of your business.

There may be some areas of Cost Segregation that you simply do not understand and this is where a knowledgeable Cost Segregation specialist can guide you through the process and help you understand anything that you have concerns about.

In most cases, a building owner’s Tax Professional is aware of the Cost Segregation process. However, because Cost Segregation is not an accounting specialty, most Tax Professionals do not do Cost Segregation. At CSSI, Cost Segregation is all we do! We are the premier provider of Engineering-based Cost Segregation Studies in the USA.

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