Todd-in-San-Antonio-2011My name is Todd Strumpfer and I’m a Cost Segregation Specialist with Cost Segregation Services, Inc.

If you own commercial property or residential rentals, the bottom line is that our services will dramatically reduce your tax liability which in turn will greatly increase your cash flow.

Cost Segregation allows you to depreciate your building more rapidly to get the tax deductions NOW rather than later. If you’re making money and paying taxes, then tax deductions are a good thing!

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Cost Segregation is a large income tax deduction. Most commercial property owners are not taking advantage of this! This reduces your Federal Income Taxes.

Most Tax Professionals do not do Cost Segregation because it’s not an Accounting specialty and they do not have the expertise on staff to do Engineering-based Cost Segregation.

We partner with your Tax Professional to get this done. Our company has completed over 16,000 Studies in all 50 states for clients who own hotels, office buildings, retail buildings, warehouses, self-storage facilities and many other building types.

The Study takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Once completed, we will work with your Tax Professional to get the tax benefit applied to your taxes. Most clients eliminate having to pay quarterly tax payments for 4 quarters or more! Our average client sees a tax reduction of about $70,000 for every $1 Million in building cost.

This is for existing property as well as new construction. As long as your original building costs and improvements are more than $300,000 and you don’t plan on selling your building in the next few years, we can most likely save you thousands of dollars in taxes.

Get A FREE, No Obligation Cost Segregation Analysis by filling in the form on the right.

We can provide you with a Free, no obligation, quote and analysis so you will be able to see the tax reduction in your situation. Simply answer a few questions on the right and we’ll have the free quote and cost segregation analysis for you within 2 business days.

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